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Easily organize your billing with OXOMATIC’s CRM and invoicing software. It’s your all-round business tool that’s perfect for businesses of all sizes.

invoice management software
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Get Paid on Time, Every Time

Create Professional Invoices in Minutes

Oxomatic simplifies invoice creation with intuitive tools. Choose from convenient delivery options and gain real-time insights into invoice status. Gain real-time insights into invoice status, seeing if they’ve been viewed and paid at a glance.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Automated invoice management system

Automated invoice management system is like having a robot handle all your invoice tasks. This software takes care of everything from getting the invoice details to making sure payments are made on time. By eliminating manual processing steps, such as data entry and invoice tracking, the system operates more efficiently, resulting in faster invoice processing and payment cycles.


How it Works

Easy Invoicing

Creating invoices is a simple process with our easy invoice management system. You can quickly generate professional, customizable invoices for your clients using our interface. 

Client Review & Approval

Our system allows clients to conveniently review and approve invoices electronically, streamlining the entire process. Automated reminders keep them on track, ensuring timely approvals and faster payments.

Get Paid Instantly

Depending on your custom payment method, some integrations allow for instant deposits directly into your account upon client approval. This means you can get paid faster than ever before!

Features That Make Getting Paid Easy

Simplify Your Invoicing with Invoice Management Software tools

Managing invoices shouldn’t be a chore! Oxomatic’s subscription billing software offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to simplify your invoicing process. Whether you’re a freelancer, a small business owner, or a growing company, our solution caters to all your invoicing needs with:

Multiple Payments Method

Oxomatic's invoice management system offers a diverse range of secure payment methods, including Paypal, Stripe, Razorpay, Mollie, Tap, Bank. This flexibility enables your clients to choose their preferred method, reducing friction and accelerating the payment process.

Public Invoice Link

Generate a secure public invoice link with a few clicks. Simply share this link with your clients, and they can easily view and pay their invoices online, using their preferred payment method. This eliminates the need for manual delivery and streamlines the collection process, saving you time and effort.

Client Hub

Organize all your clients in one central location.

Secure Transactions

Ensure safe and secure payments for peace of mind.

Clone Invoices

Duplicate invoices in seconds for repeat billing.

Project Time Tracking

Track project time directly on invoices.

Tax Management

Automatic tax calculations & reports for easy filing.

Discounts & Adjustments

Offer flexible pricing options to your clients.


Bill clients in their preferred currency.

Invoice Customization

Brand your invoices for a professional touch.

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What People Say

Discover firsthand testimonials from our satisfied users, reflecting genuine experiences and exceptional service quality standards.

Maya Rodriguez


Oxomatic’s invoice management software is incredibly user-friendly, which is a huge plus for a small business owner like me. I can easily manage invoicing and stay on top of my finances without needing any accounting experience.

Ethan Garcia

Project Manager

As a project manager in construction, keeping track of invoices and payments can be a hassle. Oxomatic's invoice management services are a lifesaver. It allows us to easily create invoices with detailed project breakdowns, which keeps our clients informed and helps with project approvals.

Sophia Patel


Running a small bakery like mine requires wearing many hats. Finding an easy-to-use invoicing solution was a priority. Oxomatic’s invoice management software for small business fit the bill perfectly. It's user-friendly and streamlines our invoicing process!


Get answers to common questions about our services. Our FAQs cover product features, support, troubleshooting, and more to help you make the most of our offerings.

Invoice processing software is a digital tool that helps businesses automate the creation, sending, tracking, and payment collection of invoices. This can save you significant time and effort compared to manual invoicing processes.

Many types of software can be used for invoices, but when it comes to finding the best invoice management software, dedicated solutions offer the most comprehensive features such as:

  • Easy invoice creation with customizable templates
  • Automatic sending of invoices via email
  • Online payment processing integration
  • Inventory management 
  • Invoice tracking and reporting

Invoicing software is a synonym for invoice processing software. It simplifies the process of creating and managing invoices for your business.

Invoice management software with automation features can streamline your workflow by automating several tasks. Here’s how:

  • Generate invoices automatically: 
  • Automatic sending of invoices: 
  • Set up recurring invoices: 
  • Send payment reminders: 

By automating your invoice processing you can significantly reduce manual work, improve efficiency, and minimize errors in your invoice processing workflow.

Yes, there are several free invoice manager software options available. It’s important to consider the limitations of free software compared to paid solutions. However, free invoice manager software may have limitations in features, such as the number of invoices you can create, customization options, or integrations with other business tools.
OXOMATIC offers a free trial so you can explore its full capabilities before committing. This allows you to see if it meets your needs for invoice management software for small businesses.

Yes, there are several invoice management crm free for use out there. However, it’s important to be aware that these free options may have limitations compared to paid solutions. If you are looking for an invoice management software for small business then Oxomatic is your best bet. It comes with a free trial so you can explore full capabilities, including robust invoice management features.

A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system might not inherently handle invoices itself. However, some CRM software integrates with invoice management software, allowing you to manage both customer relationships and invoicing within a single platform. OXOMATIC is an example of a CRM with invoice management services capabilities.

The best billing software depends on your specific needs and business size. There are many options available, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Here are some factors to consider when choosing billing software:

  • Features
  • Ease of use
  • Scalability
  • Cost

An invoice management tool is another term for invoice processing software. It helps automate and streamline the entire invoicing process for your business.

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