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Centralize all your leads in one place for effortless capture and management with Oxomatic free lead management software. Automate follow-ups to stay on top of every interaction, ensuring you never miss a crucial touchpoint. Visualize your entire sales pipeline with our intuitive Kanban board, so you can focus on closing deals, not data entry.

Lead Management Software

Lead Management Made Easy

Create & Assign Leads

Oxomatic Lead Management software’s user-friendly interface lets you capture every lead in seconds. Fill in essential details, or leverage customizable fields to gather specific information relevant to your sales process. Once captured, automatically assign leads to the right sales rep based on territory, expertise, or any other criteria you define. Track lead progress in real-time and monitor team performance to ensure no lead falls through the cracks.

Visualize your sales funnel

Leads Kanban Board

Gain a crystal-clear visual overview of your sales pipeline with OXOMATIC’s intuitive Kanban board. Seamlessly drag and drop them through stages like New, Contacted, Qualified, Disqualified, Proposal Sent and Converted. This allows you to prioritize your team’s efforts on most important leads at each stage and identify bottlenecks before they slow you down.

Lead Management Software
Lead Management Software

Powerful Features to Close More Deals

All-in-One Lead Management CRM Toolbox

Oxomatic’s lead management crm software includes a suite of user-friendly features that make capturing leads and closing deals a breeze

Web Forms

Create custom web forms directly within Oxomatic's free lead management CRM. Add the needed fields and embed your forms anywhere with no coding required. Prevent spam submissions with Google reCAPTCHA integration. Every lead who fills out the form is automatically added to your CRM.


Stay on top of follow-ups with automated reminders. Schedule reminders in seconds to ping you at the right time, ensuring you never miss a critical touchpoint with a potential customer. This helps you nurture leads proactively and ultimately close more deals.



Assign Users

Custom Fields


Send Mail


Instant Messages

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What People Say

Discover firsthand testimonials from our satisfied users, reflecting genuine experiences and exceptional service quality standards.

Emily Garcia

Sales Director

Before Oxomatic, our sales process was chaotic. We struggled to keep track of leads and wasted time on manual data entry. Since switching to their lead management CRM software, our team has become much more efficient. The automated lead assignment and real-time tracking features have saved us countless hours, allowing us to focus on closing deals.

Jessica Miller

Marketing Manager

Managing leads across different platforms was a nightmare. Oxomatic's centralized lead management system has been a game-changer. Now, all our lead data is stored in one place, accessible by our entire marketing and sales team. This has eliminated confusion, saved us a ton of time searching for information, and freed up resources for more strategic initiatives.

Sarah Williams

Co Founder

As our startup scales rapidly, we need a lead management software that can grow with us. Oxomatic offers a flexible and scalable platform that easily adapts to our expanding team and evolving needs. We're confident that Oxomatic will continue to support us as we achieve our growth objectives.


Get answers to common questions about our services. Our FAQs cover product features, support, troubleshooting, and more to help you make the most of our offerings.

Oxomatic is a powerful and user-friendly lead management software designed to streamline your sales process. It empowers businesses to capture, nurture, and convert leads into customers by centralizing lead information and providing robust tools for every stage of the sales funnel.

Oxomatic cuts through the complexities of lead management by offering a suite of features designed to streamline every step of the sales funnel. With intuitive features like lead entry forms, notes, reminders, custom web forms, automated workflows, instant messages and much more it simplifies every step of the sales funnel.

Yes, Oxomatic lead management services allows for tracking lead status, from initial contact to conversion, providing customizable status labels for monitoring sales performance and identifying areas for improvement.

Creating a lead management system involves several steps:

  • Define your lead generation strategy.
  • Choose the right lead management software.
  • Develop a lead qualification process.
  • Create a nurturing campaign for qualified leads.
  • Track and analyze your results to optimize your system.

Oxomatic free lead management crm for use and comes with a robust set of features to help you manage your leads effectively.

Choosing the right lead management software is crucial for streamlining your sales process and maximizing your ROI. Here are some key factors to consider, keeping in mind both free and paid options:

  • Identify Your Needs and Goals
  • Consider Your Business Size and Structure
  • Ease of Use and User Adoption
  • Scalability
  • Free Trials and Demos

There are some lead management software free trials available, like Oxomatic’s. Take advantage of these trials to test-drive different options and see which one best fits your needs.

Absolutely! OXOMATIC offers file attachment functionality, allowing users to attach relevant documents like contracts and brochures to lead profiles, ensuring sales teams have access to the resources they need for effective deal closure.

OXOMATIC simplifies address management with integrated mapping and storage capabilities, enabling users to visualize lead locations and plan efficient sales routes for timely follow-ups.

Oxomatic allows you to capture and store lead addresses within detailed lead profiles. You can leverage custom fields to gather specific address information relevant to your business.

The five major stages of lead management can vary slightly depending on the specific industry, but generally include:

  • Lead Generation: Attracting potential customers through marketing efforts.
  • Lead Capture: Collecting contact information from interested individuals.
  • Lead Qualification: Assessing leads to determine their sales-readiness.
  • Lead Nurturing: Building relationships and providing valuable content to qualified leads.
  • Lead Conversion: Closing the deal and converting leads into paying customers.

The lead process, also known as the lead management process, is the systematic approach your business takes to identify, qualify, nurture, and convert potential customers (leads) into paying ones. It encompasses all activities from lead generation and qualification to nurturing and ultimately closing the deal.

A lead management model is a framework that outlines the specific actions and strategies involved in your lead management process. Different models like the BANT (Budget, Authority, Need, Timeline) or CHAMP (Champions, Authorities, Money, Processes) model can be used to guide your lead nurturing and conversion efforts.

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